This new line of inflatable boats with V-keel, double hull in painted ALUMINUM AND MAGNESIUM alloy and tubulars in NEOPRENE fabric (HYPALON ORCA 215 for 270-320 models and ORCA 820 for 380 model) is intended for those who want a high-class complement to their boat without sacrificing great practicality and low weight. The NEOPRENE rubberized fabric lasts much longer than the PVC coated one and is more resistant to UV rays, high and low temperatures, salt water, acids and alkaline substances.
Lightness and performance line of the aluminum hull allow to reach high speeds and glide without difficulty, even with a low displacement engine. Furthermore, the aluminum hull, compared to the fiberglass one, has no osmosis problems or gelcoat defects.
Each inflatable boat has three lifting points: one on the bow and two on the transom.
GIBSY 380 ” ALU-H ”, unlike the smaller models, is equipped with a comfortable bow locker.
Walking surface painted white (RAL 9003) with non-slip gray neptune finishings (RAL 6021).

Technical features

Gibsy 270 “ALU-H”

Gibsy 320 “ALU-H”

Gibsy 380 “ALU-H”


2.70 m

3.20 m

3.80 m


1.40 m

1.56 m

1.86 m

Tubular’s diameter

36 cm

42 cm

45 cm

Buoyancy chambers





47 Kg

64 Kg

81 Kg

Persons capacity




Suggested power max HP

6 hp

9.9 hp

20 hp

Maximum power KW/HP

5,6 – 7,5

11 – 15

18,65 – 25

Stowed dimensions

250x105x37 cm

300x110x38 cm

350x135x50 cm

Type-approval design category CE




Standard equipment

Extra equipment

• Pair of oars

• Removable aluminium seat board

• Pump

• Repairing kit

• Owner’s manual

• Front bag “Gibsy Bag”

• Inflatable boat cover

• Seat cushion “Gibsy Seat Bag”

• Hauling wheels

• Electric pump