The HALO24 radar antenna with the lightest 24-inch compression radome on the market offers almost a real-time sight, with short-distance functioning at 60 rpm. to avoid collisions. Identify the dangers instantly, thanks to the VelocityTrack ™ doppler radar technology that delivers instant visual feedback, checking if the weather phenomena are approaching or moving away and allows for simultaneous short and long-range coverage. It allows you to monitor two distances at a time in Dual Range mode, to keep an eye on storm cells in the distance and control the risk of close collisions.

Check automatically every target within its range, without having to select manually individual targets and without any restrictions for the number of targets simultaneously displayed on the screen.

Easy to use in Harbor (Port) way, Offshore (Open Sea), Weather (Weather) and Bird (Birds) modes. Tracking of MARPA targets (up to 10 targets, 20 in dual range).

Horizontal beam width 3,9″ – Vertical beam 22°
Radar’s diameter: 61 cm
Weight 6,75 kg.

Works with all SIMRAD multifunctions Go and NSS EVO 3 series.




2,575.00 € + ddv

SIMRAD HALO24 RADAR ANTENNA – 48 Mn. 5 mt. Power cable included