Reliable caravan mover with a very good value for money.
With a system Soft start and soft stop so you can manoeuver the greatest accuracy. Enclosed in a compact, lightweight body with solid aluminum rollers.

Product specifications

Brand enduro
SKU 226558
Min. height chassis beam 17 mm
Max. total weight at 25% slope 1650 kg
Min. width (caravan/trailer) 180 mm
Max. tire width 205 mm
Characteristics Main power-switch, Softstart, Softstop
Allowed total weight double-axle 2000 kg
Allowed total weight single-axle 2000 kg
Manoeuvring system type Automatic engaging system
Axles 1 (single-axle), 2 (double-axle)
Max. width (caravan/trailer) 250 mm
Montage time 240 minutes
Max. permissible weight 2000 kg
Total weight 33 kg
Colour Black