Mobilna hiška – Voyager


Mobilna hiška Voyager

Stranka si lahko sama izbere dolžino hiške od 8 do 12 metrov.

Strankam ponujamo izbiro barv in modelov. Nekateri od naših strank nam preprosto ponudijo tlorise, ki jim sledimo.

Debelina same izolacije hiške je 15 cm.

Proizvajalec vgrajuje belo tehniko od BOSCH-a.


This static caravan is perfectly balanced with quality-price ratio. It is designed for long-term parking and has everything You need for this purpose. Voyager resembles a single complex mechanism in order to achieve the simple goal – the comfort. We do not doubt it is ready for long and shorter travel.

The apparent small-sized on the outside, this mobile home is very spacious and very comfortable to use. The inner space of the static caravan «Voyager» intelligently distributed to the comfortably designed living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The pre-installed compact mobile home furniture, kitchen accessories and other home appliances, shower and toilet. Exterior finish is made in neutral colors.

Voyager in terms of engineering, in addition to the opportunities provided to connect to external networks, able to work autonomously. It is advantageous to install permanently on Your site, slowly build a new house, and later used as a guest house.

The mobile home is well insulated and is suitable for winter conditions in our latitudes. It recommended as a private use and exploitation in the needs of businesses or landlords

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