Mobilna hiška – Nobilis


Mobilna hiška – Nobilis

Stranka si lahko sama izbere dolžino hiške od 8 do 12 metrov.

Strankam ponujamo izbiro barv in modelov. Nekateri od naših strank nam preprosto ponudijo tlorise, ki jim sledimo.

Debelina same izolacije hiške je 15 cm.

Proizvajalec vgrajuje belo tehniko od BOSCH-a.



Perfect for personal use, and families. Warm shades, satisfying external appearance mobile home pleasing to the eye, as massive facade window allows You to enjoy the views at the maximum convenience and comfort.

With everything necessary for comfortable leisure, static caravan «Nobilis» easily immerse You into a state of rapture and idyll. And to facilitate this will be a full range of all the necessary components: a skilled interior and solid exterior, comfortable layout and ease of caring for a new static another, better furniture in Your (or our) taste, a modern bathroom and a kitchen equipped with machinery and equipment premium, and many other charms and details.

Though this mobile home and is not independent at 100%, it does not require any serious devices and connections. It is simple and easy to use. You will enjoy our new model of mobile homes – «Nobilis».

By purchasing this static caravan within a few hours You can enjoy a stunning country holiday home with all the necessary functionality. Soak up the atmosphere of infinite comfort and relaxation in nature with the help of Your new Trident Mobile Home.

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