For us, packages are picked up and delivered by Intereuropa, Pošta Slovenije, SŽ Express d.o.o. and GLS, which delivers most of the packages on the next working day after the notification of dispatch, and no later than within five working days. Items ordered on go on the road in the shortest possible time. If they are in stock at the supplier’s warehouse.

In case the item is not in stock, we will inform you about the delivery time.

Shipping cost
For ordered goods with delivery to your address, the delivery cost is additionally paid according to the price list of Intereuropa, Pošta Slovenije, SŽ Express d.o.o. or GLS delivery service and is paid upon delivery.

Value of orders Delivery cost
If you decide to pay in cash upon receipt, the post office will charge you an additional commission for the payment of the payment slip. The delivery person must give you an invoice, which is located above a special payment slip.

Delivery anywhere
Our partner delivers packages to the address entered when placing the order. You can add any number of different delivery addresses to your profile, from which you can select the appropriate one when placing your order.

Since the delivery service delivers items within the working hours of Pošta Slovenije (and the patrol time of the postman of a certain area), you can also decide to deliver to any other name or address, e.g. to work. If you have chosen cash on delivery as the method of payment at the time of purchase, please make sure that the recipient of the shipment has enough cash with him. If delivery to a business address is selected, the postman will deliver the package to an authorized person to pick up shipments at the company.

If you are not at the intended place at the time of delivery (company, office, hospital, dormitory, etc.), the delivery person will leave a message with instructions for further action. A visit to the nearest post office is usually enough.

Delivery times and stock
If the supplier has the item in stock, we will ship it the next working day when the item arrives to us, otherwise we will inform you about the delivery time.

We will inform you via e-mail about possible longer delivery times. In case the longer delivery time does not suit you, you can let us know and we will remove the item from the order or replace it with another one.

Due to the different availability of products, the order can be divided into several shipments. We can ship them in part or all at once.

For any additional information call us on 00386 – 41-457-368 or send an email to

Treatment of damaged shipments (damages)
If you notice that the item or consignment is physically damaged, the contents are missing or show signs of opening, you can file a compensation procedure with Pošta Slovenije. To do this, bring the shipment (packaging + contents) to the post office as soon as you notice any damage or looted shipment no later than 30 days after receipt of the shipment. Please note at the post office that it is necessary to fill in the Minutes of the damaged shipment, which you also sign. After receiving all the necessary documentation, a claim for compensation is submitted to Pošta Slovenije. The request is processed by a commission at Pošta Slovenije and, on the basis of a response or approval, the purchase price is returned or a new item is ordered. Together with Pošta Slovenije, we will make sure that the compensation is resolved in the shortest possible time.